Evolve Youth Volunteers are working hard whole day to prepare and distribute food packets to the needy in this tough time of COVID-19 Pandemic


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Mr.Ronit Roy


“It was a great effort by Team Evolve. Greatly appreciated the effort for this youth programme. Your hard work and efforts has led to such successful event” 

Mr. Sajjan Jindal

Managing Director, JSW Steel

“Today's program is based on Anti-Addiction for the youth of India because, today lots of youth they go astray very quickly. Evolve is sending a very good message. I think Evolve was amazing because of the amount of people and youngsters and their enthusiasm was really fantastic” 

Mr. Rajiv Shukla

Member of Parliament, IPL Chairman

“I think they have put up a great effort to lead youths of nation of the right path.Evolve is a forum to connect more and more people on the way to positive transformation. This will empower their character and abilities to succeed. Congratulations to the Evolve team” 

Mr. Puneet Duggal

Registrar of Companies IAS Officer

“Anti-Addiction drive is one of the roots of CSR initiatives. Evolve is a similar program and I have hopes that the team will do its job in transforming the youth and I wish them best of luck for future. This program was meant for benefiting the youth and the team has done a good job” 

Mr. Gaur Gopal Das

World Renowned Motivational Speaker

“I would like to give my personal congrats to the entire team of Evolve for putting up a wonderful event. The attendees were more than ecstatic than what i have ever seen anywhere else and its this spirit that puts up a favorable stage for people like us to speak” 


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Abhisek Pradhan 

Batch 2019 B.Tech IIT BHU

"In my early school and college days, it was a frequent problem of having inferiority complex or being stressed by better performing friends.
But after I came to the association of Evolve Club and training program provided by them I started regular practice of meditation and good conduct. In a very short time I could give up all those bad habits. Being a part of that training I developed good communication skills and a certain degree of confidence to manage things in my life. So, I am really grateful to them for what all they have given me. "


We, at LetsEvolve club, would take utmost care of the issues being brought out by our freshers. We are just like the senior brothers who are always eager to help you all in whatever way possible. If you have any  concern or query, please feel free to write us in the field provided on the left hand side.


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