Anti-Addiction Programs
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The Vedic (or all religious) scriptures as well as our experiences in educating and training youth repeatedly informs and confirms that every individual self, especially the youth, by their inherent nature, is goodness and peace loving and, therefore, intends to contribute something very positive, auspicious, constructive, peace giving, prosperous and joyful to themselves, their neighbors, their nation and the entire world.

But youth, being highly influenced and overpowered by the association of prevailed negative, inauspicious, destructive, disturbing and there- by discouraging forces through the medium of highly effective and latest modes and methods of communication are landing up being utterly misdirected, confused and hopeless in their pursuit of experiencing, expressing and sharing inherent goodness of their heart.

So, here comes Evolve - An expression of goodness and joy, which provides a unique opportunity - a platform to every individual youth to come together to openly, boldly and courageously develop and express the inherent constructive feelings of their heart and thereby experience the natural joy of the self. All such constructive, joyful and youthful energy combined together becomes a powerful resource for the government of the states which are presently struggling with the needed quality human resource to implement their visions and plans to upgrade the condition of the humanity on the planet, earth.

Our purpose is to inspire youths and intellectuals towards goodness and sharing that with others by rekindling wisdom and reviving love of God which extends to all living entities and manifests as desire to help others. Just as various river flow with different colors of water but when they meet, their difference of color get dissolved in the water of ocean. Similarly, when people of different color, castes and taste come together for such festival, their differences get dissolved in the water of cooperation and they are inspired with the mood to form a better society.