Phase 1

Values Awareness

Putting the seed of values in the life of the students by kindling interest in the values through life changing and basic value based seminars.

Phase 2

Values Education

Once the interest is awakened, initialization of values in the life of the individual become the utmost need

Phase 3

Values Cultivation

After the seed of values is sown and heart becomes fertile through knowledge transmission, the background is set for

Phase 4

Values in Action

While being empowered by necessary values in one’s life, youth becomes inspired to distribute the values for the benefit of others.


We, at the Evolve club, would take utmost care of the issues being brought out by our freshers. We are just like the senior brothers who are always eager to help you all in whatever way possible. If you have any  concern or query, please feel free to write us in the field provided on the left hand side.


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