Yoga Retreats



“While relaxing in the cool waters of Ganges in Rishikesh I saw the lush green mountains standing strong infront of me with gravity of a thoughtful sage. Their nirvana quiet structures naturally made me peaceful and calm from the core of my heart, which i miss very much in regular conundrums of city life.”

                                                                 - Avinash


These excursions and retreats are blend of educational thought provoking discussions and joyful experience of connecting with nature


Spiritual activities in the serene setting of nature gives whole new perspective and deeper vision to see our life


Boating, Drama, Swimming, Melodious Kirtan, and much more


We, at LetsEvolve club, would take utmost care of the issues being brought out by our freshers. We are just like the senior brothers who are always eager to help you all in whatever way possible. If you have any  concern or query, please feel free to write us in the field provided on the left hand side.


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