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Youth Festivals


Xpression Audience

IMAGE 2022-05-17 14_08_54.jpg

PSIT Stall

photo_2022-05-17 14.14.22.jpeg

Drama Performance

photo_2022-05-17 14.10.56.jpeg

Prince Dance Group

photo_2022-05-17 14.13.50.jpeg

Music Bands

photo_2022-05-17 14.12.36.jpeg

Light Dance Show

photo_2022-05-17 14.13.21.jpeg

Xpression Youth

photo_2022-05-17 14.15.26.jpeg

Rock Band Performance

photo_2022-05-17 14.13.58.jpeg

Rock Bands

photo_2022-05-17 14.14.06.jpeg

IIT BHU Students Drama

photo_2022-05-17 14.15.07.jpeg

Crowd Cheers in Rock

photo_2022-05-17 14.15.19.jpeg

Audience Xpression

photo_2022-05-17 14.14.28.jpeg

Meals @ Youth Festival

photo_2022-05-17 14.23.26.jpeg

Stalls at Youth Festival

photo_2022-05-17 14.16.55.jpeg

Meals @ Youth Festival

photo_2022-05-17 14.23.21.jpeg

Stalls at Youth Festival

photo_2022-05-17 14.16.49.jpeg


photo_2022-05-17 14.23.14.jpeg
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